ABOUT Interval (UQP)

Release date: 26 February 2018

"Introducing philosophic concerns in a contemporary voice recalling poets like Judith Wright and Gwen Harwood, Interval ranges over many subjects, from Greek myth to Mallarmé to a fault line in the human universe where ‘The Wild Has No Words’. Interval invites the reader’s attention into a complex depth under the surface, gathering light into a form where ‘as if meeting — souls, the dearest sort — / were the lightest touch / a mind’s lips upon the/ other mind’s / like this’. Bishop offers readers pleasure with a blending of images, ideas and music conducted by a powerful vision."  - Robert Adamson

 "In the beauty of birth is the muteness of our existence on a planet we're destroying,
and this paradox drives the book in a committed and deeply intelligent way."
- John Kinsella

"Interval is a supple exploration of consciousness and an acknowledgement of the mysterious space-time matrix from which change and growth arise. Judith Bishop takes us on a philosophical, singing search guided by human love, ‘its joyous countenance of now’. These intellectually and linguistically graceful poems reach outward to the universe from their grounding in the everyday things of the earth – child and parent, artefact, ant, beetle, leaf and molecule – as they slip away and are replenished. ” - Jan Owen

“Judith Bishop’s new book reveals the very essence of lyricism. It flows forward from Kinderlieder to magical evocations of place and scape. The poems here are musically so subtle that they evoke silence, and pay court to the pages’ snowy whitenesses. In them, she ranges from deep intimacy to seeing “as the astronaut does,/the body of the earth/ lying whole and resplendent.”  - Chris Wallace-Crabbe

"Judith Bishop’s Interval is a space of vigilance and transformation, the bridge between I and Thou. Her antic, ontic lyrics sing of trusting—even trysting—this implacable world." - Andrew Zawacki